How we started

Bridging the gap between small restaurants and their customers, RestroApp is today, creating such compelling restaurant mobile apps, that the customers are finding the menu of these businesses absolutely delicious and pocket-friendly.

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Our Story

A business is all about relationships

We built it for ourselves We built it for ourselves

The biggest mistake a small business can make is to think that it is actually small. To quote Bard Sugars, "a business is all about relationships... how well you build them determines how well they build your business..."

Seeking inspiration from Brad Sugars, we decided to accentuate the fact that small restaurants/start-up businesses need a hand that will help them climb the success ladder.

We found that some of the local restaurants have cuisines and local recipes that should reach far and wide. We wanted people to understand the enticing gourmet experience that these lost recipes can provide them. Some of the local restaurants/small-medium food businesses have such classy food to offer that the customers can't stop relishing and exaggerating their awesome epicure experience. But how to empower these businesses, we thought?

From the road of convention to contemporary

We sat down at a table of a local restaurant, sipping through our cold coffee, when the idea just clicked. Look at the quirk of this situation. The idea to help small restaurants came from a small restaurant! Such co-incidences are bound to create a fascinating idea, like RestroApp.

The last sip of the cold coffee was over and the idea was almost etched in our hearts. With the sweetness of coffee on our taste buds, we thanked our stars and reinforced the idea to start RestroApp- an app that helps small businesses survive the tide of competition, like a pro!

Empowering the small businesses with the touch of technology, RestroApp helps them be the contemporary businesses that allow customers, the ease of online food ordering and getting the food at their plate, right from their smartphones.

Empowering the small businesses