About the company

CropCart is an online grocery store started by a woman who resides in Panchkula, India. The app focuses on convenience by providing fresh groceries, like fruits, vegetables and organic products at customer’s doorstep.


How It Works

Seamless Deliveries The app streamlines the complete process of ordering groceries in an effective way by offering seamless delivery of the grocery items in regions within the zone. Clutter free menu navigation helps customers to overview the online grocery items and make order successfully.

Order Details

The owner can view the list of accepted, completed, cancelled, pending and in-progress orders. This makes the business management easier. Upload products with images. Also, the list of grocery items and subcategories can be analysed.

Order Management

Offers an encompassing suite and comprehensive solution that is technically superior and commercially viable. The admin manages the orders placed and make sure deliveries are on time with quality fresh products. Implement dispatch to optimize deliveries and enhance customer gratification.

Push Notifications

The customers get updates regarding the news, updates, discounts and offers related to grocery items or bulk purchases. There is a feature of analysing the order history of customer and then sending push notifications. It also empowers the admin to send timely messages regarding order completion, reordering and successful payment.



Digital Solution

To build a comprehensive digital solution by providing online ordering facility that focuses to resolve the problems of housewives and working women who don’t have the time to purchase groceries in the market.

Time Scheduling

To resolve the deep concern of the customers regarding freshness, price and on-time availability of the grocery items. Providing order seceduling and time adujustment options with a complete online grocery app solution (Android, iOS and Web App).


Bulk Orders

Buying in bulk is a great way to cut the grocery cost. Online grocery app makes it easy for customers to purchase bulk items that otherwise would carry the weight physically.

Repeat Previous Order

The reordering features helps customers to see their previous order. Customers can place the same order again without searching for the items again and again in the menu.

Order Scheduling

Customers can plan and order their groceries as per their convenience. Order scheduling gives them an option to order grocery in the morning slot or the evening slot.

Offers and Coupons

Customers prefer buying items on sale so coupons and discounts helps them purchase more quantity at a better price or within a limited budget.