Why Create A Food Delivery
Management System?

Do you know “why online food delivery services are most valued?” The answer is convenience, flexibility, & comfort that it provides to the user. This online food delivery system works with a simple business module that, the customer orders the food, the restaurant prepares it & the delivery executive delivers it to the customer. Due to its simple workflow, online food delivery services creates a huge demand which attracts restaurant owners, startups, and entrepreneurs to create online food delivery apps.

How Does Food Delivery System Work?


Custom Features you can have in your Food Delivery System

bookingFacility Social Media Login

Users can simply sign up or login using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

bookingFacility Multiple Cuisines

Users can choose their favorite cuisines by using the filters available on the website or mobile app.

Easy to Access Cart Easy to Access Cart

Once the user adds the items in the cart, he/she can view, add, remove or modify them.

Special Instructions Special Instructions

Before placing the order, the user can add any special instructions for the restaurant while preparing the order.

Secure Payments Secure Payments

We integrate payment gateways like Instamojo, PayUmoney, etc. to ensure smooth payments for customers.

Contact Driver Driver Contact

As soon as your delivery partner will accept the delivery request, the user can contact them via call or SMS.

Profile Settings Profile

Drivers can set up their profile, add or remove the photo, dob as well as payment details.

Driver Availability Status Availability Status

According to their availability, drivers can go online or offline anytime. Also, a driver can accept the orders only when he/she is online. Otherwise,

Location Tracking Location Tracking

Using build-in GPS, orders are automatically requested to the nearby drivers.

RealTime Navigation Real-Time Navigation

To pick up orders, drivers can use a build-in GPS for navigation to the restaurants.

Job History Job Archives

A driver or delivery partner can easily keep a check on the previous jobs as well as commissions

Driver Earnings Earnings

This particular tab is to track the earnings on a daily basis and payouts to the bank account.

Restaurant Availability Status Availability Status

If the restaurant has enabled the availability mode, the app will accept the order, otherwise, if the restaurant is offline, the app will stop taking the orders.

Food CategoriesFood Categories

Restaurants can easily add, remove or modify the food items based on the category.

Promo Codes Offers & Promo Codes

Depending upon festivities, orders, particular categories or for delivery charges, restaurants can provide promo codes to the users.

bookingFacility Order Status

Restaurant owners will get the facility to check and update the status of orders via the dashboard.

Restaurant ListList of Eateries

Admin will have complete control to add or remove a restaurant as well as change the commissions.

Sub Admin ModeratorsSub-Admin Moderators

To distribute the work roles, admin can create sub-admins to manage the particular modules of the entire food delivery aggregator model.

Advanced settingAdvanced Settings

Using this advanced module, admin can modify the pricing, currency, etc.

OffersDiscounts & Offers

Admin has the right to provide exclusive offers to the customers based on their visits or orders placed using their website or mobile app.

Convenient PaymentGatewayPayment Gateway

Depending upon the availability of the app in a particular country, admin can provide convenient payment gateways options.


Using this module, admin can keep a track of the driver’s earnings, restaurant earnings as well as their platform earning separately.

Add-Ons for Your Online Food Delivery System

We provide the best food delivery system to our clients that will be based on their restaurant-specific needs. To make your food delivery app stand out in the market, we offer the following add-ons to our clients.


Food Pre-Ordering Feature/Order Scheduling

The users can schedule the food delivery ahead of time based on their requirements.


Wallet Customization

Allow your users to pay using fiat or cryptocurrency, integrated within your digital wallet.


Multiple Languages & Currencies

No matter where in the world you intend to use an app, you can use custom languages and custom currencies by changing these attributes within your admin dashboard.

Restaurant App Screenshots

Admin Panel for Restaurant Management

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100% Source Code

You will get access to the complete source code of your restaurant management solution.


Free Server Installation

Once the website & food delivery app development process is complete, we install it on the server for free of cost.


Free Bug Support

We continuously work to deliver a high-quality bug-free solution. In case of any critical bugs, we will fix them immediately at free of cost within the support period. Contrarily, we will include it in our near future updates.


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