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What is RestroApp? Who all can use this food ordering app? Can I set up my e-store through this app? ….and a lot more questions popped into your curious minds, isn't it? Well, considering satisfying the quest of your inquisitive heads, we decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions through this section.

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RestroApp is the mobile application with a sole objective of empowering small businesses, local food outlets and other businesses with a tool that enables them to reach customers within a few taps on the screen. Developed by ValueAppz, this mobile application helps you combat the terror of e-commerce giants that are becoming more & more gigantic. With the help of this app, the restaurant owners can market their menu online and also manage everything, from buying process to tracking payments- on their smartphones/ devices.
Absolutely! This app is for all those restaurants that have a compelling menu, but are lagging behind simply because they have no online presence. RestroApp gives you your dose of local SEO by empowering you, and helping you reach customers' smartphones. You can put your banners and select the theme at your whim.
Once you put in your trust at RestroApp and enquire about setting up your restaurant app with the help of RestroApp, the entire implementation process shall be taken care of by our team. We will provide you the training manuals. With the technical know-how and user-friendly back-end team, setting up the entire operation will take merely a few hours. You shall get started almost within a day.
Yes, initially our app developer will setup the complete menu as per your requirements. However, later you will have access to add, edit and delete items as per your requirements.
After understanding your perspective, we strive to build the app in the least possible time. Many factors contribute in launching a successful app. However generally it takes approximately 10-15 working days.
Yes, you can use your domain for the food ordering app that we will create for you.


Unlike other apps, RestroApp gives you complete ownership of the app control panel. Your customers belong to you and we entirely allow you to manage them. We allow you to manage the customer details, orders and payments. A simple demo will help you run your business easily through your restaurant's mobile app.
Of course. It's your app and it completely belongs to you. We have provided few options to customize the app. You may find the customization features on the app's dashboard, which will allow you to make modifications to the app, as requested. For further details, kindly contact our support team.
Although, there is no pre-set limit in the order menu but we can make it functional as per your custom request.
Yes, in the admin panel, you can change the delivery time and other details of the restaurant as per your convenience.
Yes, most of the apps we build are compatible to both the mobile platforms. We use native and hybrid framework that enable us to support Web, iOS & Android apps.
Yes! The purpose of RestroApp is to scale down the gap between you and your customers. we make it easier for your customers to find you on App Stores/ Google PlayStore. We shall create your restaurant's app with the name that you suggest, so that it is easier for your customer to track you and download the app.
Your application setting allows you to easily add, edit and delete content from your dashboard within minutes. You can update your app content everyday if you want to.For custom changes, our mobile app development team will assist you depending on the type of change you want in the app.
You have to create a developer account in both Google or Apple store. Rest, the maintenance and agreement part will be taken care by us.
Yes, Geofence can be set by you. Your business can deliver food anywhere in your state.
Yes, coupons, discounts, offers and loyalty programs can be updated in the app for the customers to avail them.
Yes, we have reliable security measures taken for our online ordering software. We provide security at the database level and at the api end, which is very important.
Yes, you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement for the work done by our team.


Every project has its own requirements and we take a unique and fresh approach for the same. Depending on the scope, features and type of project, the cost of the application varies.
Initially to start with your work, we ask the detailed project specifications and your custom requirements. Then, we estimate the work requirements to fulfill all details and offer packages accordingly. However, here you can checkout our price quotes.
There are a plethora of payment options available for the easy checkout of your customers. COD (Cash on Delivery), CC (Credit Card), DC (Debit Card) and third party on request. The other payment methods can also be added as per region and client request.
No, there are no hidden charges or fees, because RestroApp believes in complete transparency.


You can contact our support team by simply filling up the contact form, by calling us at 619-309-4653 or mailing us at Our team will get back to you at the earliest.
For quick discussion, you can also chat with us 24/7.
All the requests and questions are managed by your project manager here at RestroApp, to get a swift response and the work is prioritized appropriately.

However, our pursuit to answer every single question of yours is not limited to these questions. If you still have further queries, you may contact us through the given number at our site, or simply drop in your enquiry to our customer service team at your disposal.

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