Jerusalem Grill


About the company

Jerusalem Grill is a restaurant offering customers with the comprehensive culinary experience while serving the Best Traditional Middle Eastern and Palestian Cuisines. Customers can select from the diverse menu that ranges from kababs to seafood to an array of vegetarian dishes.

What makes the restaurant unique?

Everything served is derived from the original family recipes passed down through generations.


How It Works

Quick Online Food Ordering System
Jerusalem Grill is a comprehensive restaurant online ordering system, which has now become a popular takeaway service. The myriad of Middle Eastern and Palestian delicacies present customers with a wide selection of dishes to choose from the menu options. The restaurant ordering system promotes easy navigation as it helps to find the food item easily from the clutter-free, organized menu having tempting food images. Customers get notified regarding their prepared food order so that customers can conveniently takeaway rather than waiting for their grilled dishes in a queue.

Staff Management

The prime purpose of this restaurant management system, is the proper coordination of the chefs and to avoid any miscommunication between them regarding orders. Chefs now channelize their efforts to produce the maximum results. Also, it helps to prepare orders sequentially.

Loyalty points

Deals and offers, to attract potential customers which generates more revenue to the owner. Coupons are generated based on location, season and festivals. Customers redeem points that are gained.

User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly restaurant ordering system and the diverse variety of dishes available, helps customer to order their food easily and conveniently. They can simply order the dishes in 3 easy steps, which saves customers time.



Quick Food Takeaway

Aiming to let their customers experience easy and quick food takeaway, the client wanted to revolutionize the food ordering system. He was on the lookout for a reliable solution for his restaurant that aims to amplify user engagement and prosper their business.

Digital Experience

Designing a digital experience to reduce the waiting time of customers. A system that gives notifications for takeaway delivery that is ready so that customers don’t unnecessarily wait. This would help restaurant to serve better and customers, as to get timely delivery of their orders.


Reliable & Secure

Jerusalem Grill is a reliable and secure solution for efficient, on-time and hassle-free takeaway. We provided a complete restaurant online food ordering system with a responsive website, Android and iOS app platforms.

The secure system supports Cash on Delivery (COD) so customers can pay the amount after receiving their order from the restaurant.

On-Time Takeaway Delivery

The mobile food ordering platform helps customers to find their favourite food item from the menu & place the order from wherever they are. The restaurant prepares food & notifies the customer that the order is ready for takeaway.

Customer simply come and take-away the ready order with no delay, which saves customers time and helps restaurer to deliver orders hasslefree.

Push Notifications

Customers receive notifications regarding exclusive offers, deals & news. This helps in amplifying the brand value by making the customer gratified.

Loyalty Program

This customized loyalty program feature manages restaurant strategically to retain the valuable group of existing customers and to grab the new ones.