Take Eat Easy Kenya


About the company

Take Eat Easy Kenya is a Food Delivery & Takeaway Outlet offering multi-cuisine food, located in Nairobi, Kenya. Take Eat Easy Kenya App is the fastest-growing food ordering delivery application, offering door to door food delivery service. Moreover, the app is nominated as the ‘The Best Food Delivery App of the Year’ at the East FM Start Awards 2019.


How It Works

Food Ordering Made Easy (book & repeat orders, add favourites) Take Eat Easy Kenya has become a prominent market player in the food domain. The app has an easy navigation, online menu selection, add food to your favourites, order history and repeat orders with a single checkout option.

Push Notifications (offers, deals & discounts)

The online ordering app allow the customers to save multiple addresses for placing the orders online, it also runs exclusive offers, updates and discounts.

Loyalty Programs (loyalty points and refer & earn)

Loyalty program offered to customers hold a real value. It drives customer retention with loyalty points, discounts and coupons. It also builds a personal relationship with refer and earn program.

Easy Interface (No Coding)

The app increases orders and customer satisfaction while managing single or multiple vendors. The easy interface and hassle free doorstep delivery, variety of cuisines, makes it easy for the customers to order conveniently.



User Friendly

Designing a digital experience that will convert potential customers to loyal customers. The web and app which makes user life easy and simple.

A Comprehensive Solution

To develop a convenient food ordering and delivery system (website, Android & iOS app) from scratch. The built should be user friendly, having innovative features.


Admin Order Management

We created a comprehensive food ordering solution for efficient, on-time and hassle-free meal delivery. The central admin dashboard manages and streamlines the food delivery options. Integrated admin dashboard help customers to analyse business revenue and profit margin with real time reports.

This complete food ordering and delivery management solution offers order booking, adding to your favourites, repeat order, refer & earn, loyalty points, deals & discounts.

Inventory Management

The software program directly integrates with the existing point of sales, giving an accurate picture of inventory, and helping restaurateurs to cut the cost.

  • Keeps track of the current stock at your kitchen
  • Stock-in and stock-out features gives in-sights of the stock available
  • Evaluates the discrepancy between the Ideal stock and the actual stock
  • The detailed report helps in making data-driven decisions
Secure Payment Gateway

We integrated multiple payment gateway for Take Eat Easy Kenya App with all security measures successfully

  • Cash on Delivery
  • M-Pesa Pay
  • Net banking
Order Management

We assisted Take Eat Easy Kenya to automate delivery dispatch by uploading multiple orders within a single click. Through this app, the owner manages payments, orders, food items, customer reviews and much more effectively.