Restro App Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions

The RestroApp development team is very excited that you have finally decided to use our services. Please carefully read our Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions page.

We offer our services to our customers subject to the following Terms of Use that may be updated from time to time without prior notice. By accessing our services, you acknowledge that you have thoroughly read, understood, and agree to be legally bound by terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy.

Service Utilization

Please note that when you are using our services, you have agreed to all the terms and conditions. You are consent to be bound by these services is on your behalf or your company's behalf. The RestroApp team holds the right to terminate, suspend, or alter the services from time to time as it is protected by copyright. Without any permission, no section of the document or information on this website may be reproduced in any form without having consent from our organization.

Rights & Authority

You don't hold the right to translate, decompile, modify, update, reproduce, duplicate, copy, or distribute any part of our created Restaurant app or website.

In our account management system features, you are authorized to gain access to the password-protected areas. You are completely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality that takes place under your account. If there is unauthorized access to your account or any other security breach, you agree to inform us immediately. You can also take our help if your password is stolen or disclosed to an unauthorized third party.

If you take help of any third party service that violates any rules, we have the authority to block your account/service.

You have to deal with your restaurant customers all by yourself because we are not responsible for verifying your restaurant's menu, ingredients, food preparation standards, and hygiene.

Any orders placed on any online ordering platform which is powered by RestroApp are subject to fulfilment for the merchants for which the platform is built. All cancellations or refunds are as per the merchant's policies, and we shall not be liable for any issue whatsoever.

Unique Identifiers

According to the registration process for the restaurant owners, we ask them to create an account with a strong password. This information will assist the authenticity when you login in the future. While developing your account, you have to provide accurate information which has to be completely filled in the initial form.

Governing law

The terms shall be in accordance with the laws of the country in regard to the conflict of law provisions. These 'Terms & Conditions' constitute the complete agreement regarding the services that we provide and then replace any prior agreement that may be present regarding the service.

Confidential Information

You are not allowed to disclose to a third party the confidential information that you receive from us by whatever means. Confidential data includes the information related to past, present or future research or any business activities, development, processes, supplier list, and projections.

Proprietary Rights

You acknowledge that the services provided by RestroApp development team are protected under patents and copyrights. You are not allowed to remove or modify any copyright notice, trademark or proprietary notice that is powered by RestroApp.

License to Use Our Services

Your right to use the service that we provide you is limited to all the terms and services. Expect for your prior-rights and the license that we've granted you, our services holds all intellectual property rights. There are a few services that are provided to you free of cost, and then there are others that come at a price. The pricing and packages can be found on RestroApp website. The app or website development services that we are providing are billed to your credit or debit card. You are charged as per the agreement until you terminate the project.


We are not responsible for the errors that occurred when you tried to make changes without notifying us. We also don't hold any responsibility for the loss of revenue that your restaurant may be facing.

Pricing Policy

Invoices are issued in USD or INR as per the services that you are availing from RestroApp, and it is sent via mail. The mode of payment will remain credit or debit card. You shall pay all the taxes related associated with your purchase hereunder. We will notify you in advance if your monthly account is overdue.

Agreement Termination

We reserve the right to restrict, suspend, or terminate this Agreement and the device access to different parts of services at any time and for a valid reason without prior notice or liability.