5 Signs your Restaurant Website and App Need Overhauling

Signs your Restaurant Website and App Need Overhauling

You’ve got a website or maybe, even a mobile app to accentuate your digital marketing efforts in building your restaurant’s business and brand image. We’re sure you’ve had a prolific journey so far and have also managed to strike it perfect in the initial days. But have you struck it perfect all through? Or has there been a slight downward slope in the performance? We see you nod!

With a website and a mobile app in your kitty, you surely have managed to survive the demands of the time and the dynamics and competition in the hotel industry as well. It was definitely the best decision for the time being. With an initial thrust, your business moved up the ladder but like every other product, it seems to have hit the plateau with time.

So what are the signs to look out for redundancies in your website or app performance? And how to boost your current website and mobile food ordering app with an overhaul is a major challenge.

Here are the major 5 Signs your Restaurant Website and App need overhauling:

 1. Lower Conversion:

If the traffic to your website or restaurant app seems to be fine but hasn’t struck it right via conversions, this is a sure sign that your digital efforts aren’t working as efficiently as it ought to. The traffic seems to be just fine but doesn’t seem to be converting itself into a real sale.

This could be a technical glitch, the lack of updates or simply, your website or app strategy going out of date or has remained unmanned for a while. This very issue has to be addressed via usability testing and must be corrected without much delay.

Most users also opt for an iOS after an Android and it may be so that your app may not be accessible by an iOS thus causing the loss of a customer or a potential customer to be dropped off the list; a catastrophe you invited.

 2. Increase in Bounce Rate:

If your visitor sticks to the homepage, don’t maneuver and leaves immediately to never return to your website or app, this is a serious sign. It is time you investigate as to why your website is receiving the backlash. The reasons for this could be many; the poor first impression could be the ultimate one. From taking a forever to load, poor font and sizing and even outdated content and color scheme.

If your restaurant app or website takes more than three minutes to load, chances are quite high that your customers might just drop the prospect of connecting with you and opt for a competitor’s faster, efficient and enhanced user experience.

 3. Not Mobile Friendly:

You may have an amazing website that is at its optimum when the user is viewing it using a laptop or a computer. It may not work with a similar efficiency while on an app.

With about 80 percent of the urban crowd equipped with a smartphone, it would definitely not work if your website isn’t optimized well for their phone platforms. This would harm your reputation; the very fact that you don’t pay emphasis on the customer’s experience is proof of your unprofessional approach towards it all.

Make sure that your website is perfected for the user, extending your support towards their ease of access.

 4. App Uninstalled:

This sign is probably the last nail in the coffin. When your restaurant ordering app fails completely at satisfying the needs of the user, they are most likely to give your app a technical abandonment. If the app isn’t equipped enough to satiate the app users needs, they are definitely going to uninstall yours in search of another.

A good mobile restaurant ordering system is exuberant and scalable at all levels. The factors like the ability to work faster, menu updating and other details must stay upright in the long term.

Make sure that the metrics aren’t avoided and you manage to keep your app updated. The data with almost all sorts of information, engaging content and advanced features should be used to stop the seed of boredom and retardation from germinating.

 5. Fewer download:

If your mobile app was created to perform on a single platform, what you lose in the bargain is your potential customer base that is using various other platforms. Your app might be an amazing one for the target but if it isn’t made for every possible platform, namely iOS and Android, the purpose of reaching the larger majority is lost.

Give your business the thrust it deserves by offering multiple platform options. This will help your business grow. Understand your target, research about their mobile app preferences and the most commonly used platform. This will help you revise the effects on a positive note.

Redundancy is often found at an accelerated in the tech space and remaining updated and offering updated versions of your website or app is your responsibility. If you are a brand, still dependent on a website alone, it may be time that you move to a restaurant food ordering mobile app.

Make sure that you offer the requisite on a timely basis to avoid the chances of having to lose your existing customers or potential targets. Remember, it takes years to build a loyal customer base and less than a few minutes to lose a major chunk of them.

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