Online Food Ordering

Restaurant Staff Training Plan: 10 Amazing Tips fo..

Did you know that training restaurant employees is a real investment for your restaurant business? Not only is it a real investment for the restaurant but well-trained employees help to build a better..

August 30, 2019
Posted By Nandita Loomba
How does a Digital Menu App Add Value to your Rest..

Technology has transformed the working of today’s restaurants. Digitalization is what has taken over. Restaurants have adapted new methods of technology, whether we talk about the kitchen or the f..

August 16, 2019
Posted By Nandita Loomba
How Restaurants Can Use Food Pre-Orders To Attract..

With hectic schedules and crazy work hours, people are always running short of time. They want to save as much time as possible. Generally, when people walk out for a gourmet meal, they typically spen..

July 20, 2019
Posted By Reema Jindal
How Mobile Technology is Impacting the QSR Industr..

A few years back, the concept of the fast-casual restaurant came as a revolution in the restaurant industry. Fast food restaurant is also known as a Quick Service Restaurants, that serves fast food cu..

July 3, 2019
Posted By Reema Jindal
Cloud Kitchen Marketing Ideas – Tips that Ac..

Restaurants are going high- tech and many innovations are happening in the restaurant industry. One of the upcoming trends that have been pacing up is Cloud Kitchen. What is Cloud Kitchen? Cloud..

June 29, 2019
Posted By Nandita Loomba
How Ghost Kitchen is Changing the Way that Restaur..

What is a Ghost Kitchen?  A ghost kitchen, No! I am not talking about a haunted kitchen. It is a virtual restaurant or delivery-only restaurant where a chef can prepare food with peace of mind. In a..

June 24, 2019
Posted By Hanna Norris
Flying Food!!! Can Drones Change the Future of Res..

Humans are different from each other, but when it comes to food, we are all somewhat similar. We all treat delicious food as a reward. Our taste buds demand a royal treatment every time we eat. We are..

June 17, 2019
Posted By Amrita Jaswal
A Comprehensive Guide For Online Food Ordering App

You are in the middle of your Games of Thrones season and suddenly felt an urge to have something. Now, you don’t have to think twice all you need to do is order your favorite from a tap. All thanks..

June 7, 2019
Posted By Rohit Madan
Food + Smartphone = Most Delicious Recipe Ever!

The involvement of technology in food is not new. It all started way back in stone-age when an early man lit the fire by striking two stones together. Who would have guessed that it will give birth to..

June 5, 2019
Posted By Amrita Jaswal
6 Best Food Delivery Apps That Can Boost Your Rest..

Social media has cut down on human-human interaction and people prefer to interact online. Moreover, the online market has flourished in the past couple of years. A few years back whenever I hear the ..

May 31, 2019
Posted By Rohit Madan
Battle of the Sexes – Who Orders Online Food..

Hasn’t the battle of the sexes been relevant in every walk of life? Not trying to generalize, but don’t we all agree that some battles are won by the beautiful ladies and some by the handsome hu..

May 27, 2019
Posted By Hanna Norris
Giving your Restaurant a Quick in-Budget Makeover ..

As a restaurant owner, you always need to look for ways to give your restaurant a quick in-budget makeover. How can you do that? How much would it cost you? What is the most effective thing you coul..

June 21, 2018
Posted By Hanna Norris
How should your Restaurant’s Food Ordering M..

With so many restaurants revamping their marketing plans, having an app in your restaurants’ marketing kit is no big deal. Every technologically knowledgeable person in the industry would want to eq..

March 1, 2018
Posted By Rohit Madan
Why your Restaurant is ready for an Online Food Or..

These are the questions that predominantly exist on borrowed time on this sprouting market of online services. Now, I would give you some suggestions. You may believe those, you may not Instead, I’v..

February 21, 2018
Posted By Rohit Madan
Online Ordering Mistakes Restaurateurs Can’t..

If you are a restaurant owner, you must be aware of the fact that surviving in this $799 billion industry isn’t an easy task at all. And, if that isn’t enough, there also is a whole new online foo..

November 6, 2017
Posted By Ritika Jatana