Restaurant Management System

How to Make the POS system King in Your Restaurant..

POS (Point of Sale) system can do wonders for your restaurant. It is a computerized system designed in a way to track sales, cash flow, food inventory, and simplifying tedious restaurant operations...

November 15, 2019
Posted By Amrita Jaswal
How to Ensure your Food Business is Millennial Fri..

Accenture reports that American Millennial shoppers spend $600 billion each year. And, by 2020 it is expected to reach $1.4 trillion annually. By these stats, you can easily make out how impo..

November 13, 2019
Posted By Nandita Loomba
Tips to Manage your Online Food Delivery Program t..

The online ordering system has changed the way the restaurant used to work. There are various popular food ordering platforms out there like, Zomato, Swiggy, and FoodPanda which can take your restau..

September 26, 2019
Posted By Nandita Loomba
Top Restaurant Service Mistakes That You Must Avoi..

If you have been in the restaurant industry for a while, by now you might have known how important is to delight your customers. Your whole business revolves around them. Good restaurant service bring..

September 23, 2019
Posted By Amrita Jaswal
It’s Time to Modernize your Restaurant Manag..

The ambiance and quality of food are not enough to run a successful restaurant, you need great services too. You cannot ignore the latest technologies that are used in restaurants. They not only str..

September 10, 2019
Posted By Nandita Loomba
What Features your Bar POS System must-have to Get..

Cities are flooded with happening bars and clubs. People love to spend their weekends at clubs & bars. Moreover, they are more into nightlife, so you have a great chance to propel in the nightli..

August 2, 2019
Posted By Hanna Norris
Guide to a Successful Implementation of your New C..

The market is becoming saturated, and it's not easy to retain the customers due to the massive competition. The best way you can retain them is to provide them, what they want and in a personalized ..

July 29, 2019
Posted By Hanna Norris
Improve your Restaurant Sales with the Kitchen Dis..

Restaurant Industry trends are not just limited to online restaurant food ordering systems, digital payments, and automation, but it is equally beneficial for the restaurant’s backend operations. A..

July 26, 2019
Posted By Nandita Loomba
Why you need to Integrate Analytics to your Restau..

All you need to know about Restaurant Management System Analytics Integration is here! Managing restaurant operations, marketing, and handling finances manually can be daunting. With the coming of th..

June 22, 2019
Posted By Reema Jindal
AI and Restaurant: A Happy Love Story

Starting with the story of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a few decades ago, nobody could have imagined its evolution the way it is happening today. Back in 1956, the term “artificial intelligence..

May 20, 2019
Posted By Rohit Madan
Why You Should Opt For A Dedicated Restaurant Onli..

With online apps becoming an integral part of industries like retail, entertainment, banking, etc., the food industry is not far behind. A lot of big restaurant chains have come up with their own ap..

May 8, 2019
Posted By Rohit Madan
Top 8 Features Your Restaurant Management System S..

Restaurants have to keep up with the fast-paced environment to serve the customers in a better way. This helps the business to earn higher profit. Nowadays, there has been a drastic technological chan..

May 3, 2019
Posted By Hanna Norris