Restaurant Marketing

Digital Era Impacting The Future Of The Restaurant..

Technology has transformed all the primitive methods of doing work. It has changed every facet of our life like how we work, shop, and do our daily chores. Technology is Impacting future of the restau..

May 21, 2019
Posted By Hanna Norris
6 Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Attract New Custom..

Starting a restaurant business will not help you gain profit unless you don’t go for regular innovations that keep your customers hitched. Today, every restaurant is competing with the other, so you..

May 17, 2019
Posted By Hanna Norris
Digital Marketing For Your Online Restaurant Booki..

So the journey has started. You have already opened up your dream restaurant at a nice location. You also got a Mobile app & an online booking system for your restaurant because you knew it’s t..

May 10, 2019
Posted By Hanna Norris
The Big Hacks of Restaurant Promotions

A restaurant owner’s life isn’t a piece of cake and we know that quite well. It is a constant struggle to maintain, sustain and grow in the world of changing dynamics and competition. However, cr..

July 11, 2018
Posted By Hanna Norris
Giving your Restaurant a Quick in-Budget Makeover ..

As a restaurant owner, you always need to look for ways to give your restaurant a quick in-budget makeover. How can you do that? How much would it cost you? What is the most effective thing you coul..

June 21, 2018
Posted By Hanna Norris
Snapchat Marketing Hacks for Your Restaurant!

Snapchat is an immensely popular platform which you can add to your restaurant marketing strategy. In fact, saying it won`t be wrong that Snapchat as a marketing tool has become an inextricable part o..

February 15, 2018
Posted By Heena Mahant
5 Restaurant Equipment You can’t Afford to Miss!

According to the Toast 2016 Restaurant Technology Report, 79% of diners agree that restaurant based technologies enhance their dining experience. The compliance issue pertaining to supply chain manage..

October 26, 2017
Posted By Ritika Jatana
The Twitter Marketing Tips for your Restaurant

Twitter is a huge platform, with 3.42 million active registered users and 1.95 million unique users checking out this micro-blogging site every month. The number speaks volumes about the massiveness o..

October 3, 2017
Posted By Heena Mahant
SnapChat Marketing Hacks For Restaurateurs

Snapchat, with over 150 million daily active users, sharing 9000 snaps per second, is one of the biggest online platforms for promotions. The photo-sharing app that lets you send pictures, videos, mes..

September 29, 2017
Posted By Ritika Jatana
What Do Customers Want From a Mobile Food Ordering..

It’s indeed a great news! You’ve decided to invest in a mobile food ordering app for your restaurant business. As a business owner, there’s nothing more awesome that you could do to make it big ..

September 6, 2017
Posted By Ritika Jatana
iBeacons and Mobile Food Ordering Apps: The New Bu..

Can you guess the new best friends in the food-tech world? Did I hear iBeacons and mobile food ordering apps? You’ve got it right! With an impressive rise in the number of restaurant business owners..

September 1, 2017
Posted By Rohit Madan
How Your Restaurant Has a Great Revenue Scope?

With the annual sales in restaurant industry escalating to a whopping $799 billion, the unprecedented growth of this sector is quite evident, thereby inducing restaurants all over the world to stay ah..

August 31, 2017
Posted By Heena Mahant
Why is it so important to run Loyalty Program in y..

I don’t have to emphasize on this because if you are a restaurant manager. Repeat business from regular customers determines your standing in an industry that is forever working on a novel task to m..

August 29, 2017
Posted By Rohit Madan
A Restaurant’s Guide to Developing Online Cu..

If your restaurant serves fantastic food or boasts of serene ambiance, yet customers fail to visit, your marketing strategy needs reformulation. You may be missing some profitable prospects, since eve..

August 28, 2017
Posted By Ritika Jatana
Is Your Restaurant Mobile App ‘App-store Opt..

Mobile apps have emerged as the next big thing in the market. With the evolution of the smartphone, there has been this surge in the market for businesses to have a mobile app. And, why not? After all..

August 23, 2017
Posted By Rohit Madan