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How to Ensure your Food Business is Millennial Fri..

Accenture reports that American Millennial shoppers spend $600 billion each year. And, by 2020 it is expected to reach $1.4 trillion annually. By these stats, you can easily make out how impo..

November 13, 2019
Posted By Nandita Loomba
Making your ‘Just Customers’ to ‘Raving Fans..

The success story of the most popular restaurants stems from their loyal customer base. These loyal customers are fundamental in making your restaurant popular by word of mouth. Not only they will i..

October 9, 2019
Posted By Nandita Loomba
Hacks to Upsell in Your Restaurant Business!

Upselling in the restaurant business is the sheer art of persuasion without really going over the board to make it happen. Upselling is all about striking a sale at a price over and above its usual ..

February 5, 2018
Posted By Ritika Jatana
The Big Restaurant Trends of the Year 2018

It's almost a month past the New Year but trust me, there's a lot that has to be discussed and brainstormed upon at this point in time. With the amount of competition in the industry, increasing at an..

February 2, 2018
Posted By Rohit Madan
How to Build Strong Relations with Your Restaurant..

A recent survey conducted by Quartz Media revealed that about 60 percent of the millennial land up dining out or ordering in when they plan to do something fun. About 40 percent of this crowded land u..

January 22, 2018
Posted By Heena Mahant
iBeacons and Mobile Food Ordering Apps: The New Bu..

Can you guess the new best friends in the food-tech world? Did I hear iBeacons and mobile food ordering apps? You’ve got it right! With an impressive rise in the number of restaurant business owners..

September 1, 2017
Posted By Rohit Madan
Why is it so important to run Loyalty Program in y..

I don’t have to emphasize on this because if you are a restaurant manager. Repeat business from regular customers determines your standing in an industry that is forever working on a novel task to m..

August 29, 2017
Posted By Rohit Madan
The Perfect Kind of Restaurant App: What does it t..

You have decided to switch on the restaurant app mode. Does that ensure that all your expectations with regard to the arrival of an app will hit the bull’s eye? Most restaurants fall prey to an unfe..

February 8, 2017
Posted By Rohit Madan
Customers Retention Using A Mobile Food Ordering A..

Every business needs regular customers and clients. When we talk about the food business then it is really important to hold onto your existing customers. It is really important how you cater your new..

October 27, 2016
Posted By Alice Blake
7 Tricks to Enhance Customers Loyalty with Mobile ..

Nowadays, millions of mobile applications have come up to support business platforms. The main reason for such an unexpected development of restaurant applications is that the local/small to medium sc..

September 7, 2016
Posted By Brian Merrick
Restaurant Online Ordering System: A Boon for Rest..

Apps and cyberspace are the common hangout zone in today’s world of advanced technology. The best way to reach out to your customers in conventional times is online mode. It helps to cement a loyal ..

August 25, 2016
Posted By Hanna Norris
Referral Strategies to Retain Customers Using Rest..

Think how we many times opt for a particular restaurant or any product or a service when someone refers to us. Reviews and opinions from friends, family or even strangers on the social media many time..

July 15, 2016
Posted By Alice Blake
Keep Your Customers Hungry with Loyalty Programs!

Customer loyalty is something restaurants crave in order to be in the game. Be it a small-sized cafe or a family restaurant, loyal customers are valued for long term growth and success. As much as gai..

June 29, 2016
Posted By Hanna Norris
How Easily Checkout Retains Your Customers?

Today the apps allow numerous mobile payment checkout systems to the user. It is up to the restaurant to decide whether they must allow more than one checkout systems in their apps for better convenie..

June 28, 2016
Posted By Jeta Sharma
Key to The Right Restaurant Loyalty Program!

Restaurant Loyalty Program has the capacity to increase your guest visits by 35%. Introducing rewards of choice to customers will fetch 3-5% additional revenue to restaurants. Besides, the program ena..

June 27, 2016
Posted By Rohit Madan
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