Compel Customers with Effective Restaurant Video Marketing

One of the best ways to launch a business today over the internet is to take help of online videos for the promotion. It is a powerful way to gain visibility among brands and viewers. The restaurant business has seen already how videos shared online can help attract new customers and help retain old customers. One can directly upload videos in YouTube or share it through their official social media sites. Today nearly 25% of all YouTube videos we see are made using mobile phones. The video clips of the restaurant or events happening in the restaurant can be recorded and shared fast. It is directly transferring information to the whole world in few button clicks.


Here are the various reasons why a restaurant must use video marketing:-

  1. A video speaks loads and better when compared with other forms of promotion.
  2. When used videos restaurant website rank tend to increase almost 53 times better in Google’s search results.
  3. A visitor stays back in the website 2 minutes of time more if the site has an attractive video.
  4. It is speculated that video content will cover 90% of the internet content in the year 2017.
  5. Almost 87% of marketing promotions today are made using video as a component.
  6. Almost 6to5 visitors are seen to be visiting websites whenever a new video is uploaded.
  7. Over 1 billion users check out Youtube on a daily basis
  8. The social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have 87% of its users watching videos through them.
  9. A blog which uses videos gets a thrice number of clicks than the one which does not use.
  10. Video promotion makes it attractive and increases the chance of new customers to be 48% more than the old.

Here is how you can use video marketing to your advantage:-

  • Create a Video- It is good to own a good HD camera of your own for making the promotional HD video. These days mobile videos are also in demand. As a manager of the restaurant, one is exposed to a lot of scenarios around using which one can make short clips and share it across. YouTube has many options to categorize videos based on events or subjects. There is no requirement of fancy graphics or expert videography for creating a promotional video. Whatever editing apps are available online can be used to create a decent video.


  • Upload it to your Youtube Channel- On this planet, Youtube still is the sole biggest channel and with over billion views in a day, there is every reason why you must upload your restaurant video to leverage on the exposure it will get. The video page in Youtube must have a good description and links to the website of your restaurant. A Google map showcasing your location can be an added advantage.
  • Direct video share – Although the major online video market is occupied by Youtube, Facebook is no far away. Everyday pages viewed on Facebook are over three billion. A recent announcement shows video upload to be possible on the business page of Facebook accounts soon. One can use this to their advantage and tap on these three billion users. A very potential eyeball for the restaurant business.

In a nutshell video marketing, today is the future of restaurant advertising or promotion. If you do not have an attractive small promotional video then you are wasting out on huge potential customers. Set your mind completely free when you are making the video. Remember to capture the best strengths you have in the restaurant business and accentuate it.