How Ghost Kitchen is Changing the Way that Restaurants Work?

What is a Ghost Kitchen - Restro App

What is a Ghost Kitchen? 

A ghost kitchen, No! I am not talking about a haunted kitchen. It is a virtual restaurant or delivery-only restaurant where a chef can prepare food with peace of mind. In addition to this, it doesn’t have a storefront, a waiter to take your order or dining space.

Restaurant leases a commercial kitchen space to prepare the food and then deliver the same via third-party delivery apps. Customers can’t pick up their orders; the food gets delivered to their doorsteps.

They can be only available on restaurant apps or websites of delivery services. The food delivery trend has led to the ghost kitchen concept. According to UBS, the online food market will reach $365 billion globally in 2030. And these delivery-only kitchens will play an essential part in this.

A company named Keatz, whose headquarters is in Berlin runs ten ghost” kitchens in Europe.

Benefits of Ghost Restaurant or Ghost kitchen:

Here are the advantages of ghost Restaurants over traditional restaurants:

  1. Edit Menu: It is a food app or web-based so, the list can be changed online at any time, plus you don’t have to update the printed menu.
  2. Less Expenditure: You don’t have to spend on additional staff, cutleries, ambiance, or space. Moreover, it occupies less space and requires limited infrastructure.
  3. Experimentation: With ghost restaurant, you can try new concepts, and in case the idea didn’t work, you can always move on.
  4. Create New Supply Locations: Sometimes, restaurants cannot meet the excess delivery demand. However, ghost restaurants can create a new supply location and handle multiple orders.
  5. Location doesn’t Matter: You don’t require a prime location for setting up a ghost kitchen. Instead, it can be set in any neighborhood.
  6. Space: Fast-casual restaurant is bound to fulfill the essential requirement of seating and waiting space, but ghost kitchen only offers delivery, so it doesn’t require much space.

As a restaurateur, you might want to start fresh and establish a ghost kitchen, but you have to tell people about it.

Ghost Kitchen Marketing Ideas

Below are the ways to let people know about your new venture:

Right Marketing:

It is essential for your existing customers to know about your ghost kitchen. You need to adopt a correct marketing approach and enhance your online presence on various social platforms. If your audience is young people, then your virtual restaurant needs to be active on social media.

Partner with third-party food delivery apps:

You can quickly partner with the renowned online food delivery apps and attract a vast customer base. By doing so, you get the exposure and reach a massive bunch of people. Not only this, you don’t have to worry about food delivery as these apps pick up and deliver your order.

Create a Restaurant Website:

If food delivery apps are not available in your area, then you can create a quality website from where people can order. Tell people about your website through social media. Post regularly and engage with your customers through quality posts. Also, encourage them to tag you. Don’t forget to respond to their comments.

Create a Food Ordering App:

You can also opt for creating your own food ordering app. A food ordering app can give a huge exposure to your ghost kitchen.


Many restaurants fail to strive due to enormous overhead costs, huge investments, and competition. However, ghost restaurants are more comfortable to set up as they don’t require extensive infrastructure or high stakes. Ghost restaurant is one of the new restaurant industry trends that will be creating a wave in the future.

Ghost restaurants can be the alternative for a healthy meal for the people who prefer to order food online. In the long run, artificial intelligence and robotics will be used in cloud kitchens; this will improve their efficiency and streamline the overall process. Moreover, in the future restaurants will be able to handle food delivery by drones.

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