Giving your Restaurant a Quick in-Budget Makeover with Restaurant App

As a restaurant owner, you always need to look for ways to give your restaurant a quick in-budget makeover. How can you do that? How much would it cost you? What is the most effective thing you could do to bring your restaurant to the technological forefront? Well, without beating around the bush, giving your restaurant a quick in-budget makeover can only be rendered possible by creating an app for your restaurant. In fact, it is the best thing you could do not only to expand your restaurant business but for customer retention, satisfaction, and marketing, an app for the restaurant could prove a goldmine.

As a restaurant owner, don’t you want to make a place for your restaurant? Don’t you want your customers’ engagement with your restaurant? Such queries are always there at the back of your mind, probably because you have yet to figure out how to go about giving your restaurant a makeover without putting a strain on your budget, the action does not follow. But, without searching here and there, the solution for you is, create a mobile food ordering app. It has the potential to skyrocket your restaurant business without creating a hole in your pocket.

Why Create App for Restaurant?

Well, to answer the question, there is a need for significant data to substantiate the claim. A study has shown that 60% of searches people make on smartphones actually convert into business transactions. It is the conversion rate, or buying capacity, mobile restaurant apps offer that you need to capitalize. Once people search the menu, or other offerings, on your restaurant app, they actually turn into potential customers and may visit your restaurant the very next moment. Another thing significant with regard to restaurant app is an easy monetary transaction. Starbucks posts an astonishing data; $1.6 billion of their $10 billion revenue came through the app. It shows the latest trends in the restaurant business are modeled on technology in the form of a mobile app. I don`t think there is much to say about why you should be creating food ordering app for restaurants.

Benefits to Reap After Creating a Restaurant App

There are not ones but thousands of benefits you get with restaurant app. In fact, the first thing you should keep in mind is without an app, you could not drive in more customers, increase your sales, or for that matter expand your business. It would not be wrong to claim, a restaurant app in modern times is must-have for your restaurant business. So, let`s take the benefits one by one.

 1: Offer Location-Based Deals on Food Items:

Customers who have your restaurant app on their smartphone get notifications about deals on offering when they enter your restaurant`s location. Even if these customers have no intention to eat, yet seeing deals on specific food items could drive them into your restaurant. Therefore, it is always a good idea to build restaurant app.

2: Promotional Offers and Discounts:

A whopping 65% food-savvy customers, a study has revealed, are always ready to install your restaurant app provided you offer them deals and discounts. 80% of such customers would visit your restaurant and spend money to reap benefits of discounts and other offers. This makes it a marketing goldmine, driving in not only the existing customers but new and first timers as well.

3: Scheduling and Delivering Orders:

A restaurant app is not all about money. In fact, you get more than that. Customers can place order hassle-free, and you can schedule the delivery with the ease of your finger. It has rendered the complex process simple. Having a separate desk for collecting money, or payments, or order placements, is really a thing of past now. It all can be done on mobile app of your restaurant, which saves you money, time and manpower.

4: Catch the Millennial Customers:

It becomes increasingly important to catch the millennial market and for that, there is no better way than creating an app for your restaurant. Here is the data: 98% of 18-to-34-year old like pay via the mobile app over and again. The millennial generation is always on smartphone while surfing on internet. They like placing orders via smartphone apps, pay through it and more than often like eating out. It offers you a crowd of customers, only you need to grab their attention and get them to your app. And you can do it if you create an app for restaurant.

5: Visibility of your Menu:

Well, customers will walk into your restaurant if they know the menu. It is crucial for the restaurant business to have a vividly visible menu on your app. A simple look at it could increase the interest of customers who have a look at it. Many times it happens that food lovers usually don`t know where to get a particular dish of their choice, it is here digital menu comes to their rescue and increases your sales.

6: Social Media Sharing:

The app offers you an opportunity to integrate your other social media profiles with your app. It makes social sharing and review writing for customers easier and gives you an opportunity to expand your social media reach. It helps you market your business in the right direction as customers leave positive comments. Its significance lies in the fact that you spend nothing in the whole process of marketing.

All said and done, by now you would agree that is is a must to create food ordering app for quick in-budget makeover of your restaurant business.