How can your restaurant have a highly profitable 2017?

Well, now that we have welcomed 2017 with open arms, it’s time to embrace the success that awaits you. 2016 was definitely a great year but there is bit more to the gifts of 2017. Let’s talk about unexploited caverns of profit and the largely unexploited keys to them. We have to add a lot more to the text of tips to improve on the profit graph. So here are some tips to take you on the ride to a profitable 2017:


Plan Your Identity

Most restaurants portray a general view. They aren’t capable of identifying their forte and hence lose their individuality to ‘just another restaurant’ kinds. Right from the menu to the ambience – the experience that you intend to gift your customers with has to be planned and must solely be your face value.  What they fail to realize is that it being different is the secret recipe to success. The more you stand out from the regular league, more do you gain in terms of visibility, fame and increased turnover.


Be Seen!

Apart from the identity you have planned for yourselves, promoting yourself and being seen and experienced is also important. Of what use is the precise planning when your efforts are not visible enough!  In order to be visible, promotional activities must be planned and executed in an appropriate manner. Publicity is an imperative ingredient and the right one is just like the icing on the cake!

Promote to Succeed

Publicizing is important but one really need to channelize their money and efforts towards promoting their establishment through the right channel. Promotional activities must be planned to maximize the return on investment and must hold the potential to exploit the talent involved. Timing the promotion also holds an important place here and tapping the moment is the key here.


The Ambience

Make it your resolution for 2017 to not just provide but to improve your restaurant experience for your customers.  The perfect setting, the menu that can leave anybody mouth watering, the courteous staff, the delicious food and the feeling of being at a classy cum cosy home with a touch of luxury; isn’t it the picture perfect setup for your restaurant this year?


The Food

Apart from the ambience, what really matters to your customer is the food. The color, the aroma, the taste and the quality; every aspect of the food you serve is under surveillance and it is more than important for you to leave no stone unturned to add a star to your food.


The Power of Social Media

With the social media proving its inherent potential in regular measures on an ongoing basis, it is essential for restaurant owners to utilize this weapon to their victory. From Facebook to Instagram; no matter which medium you make use of; visibility is the essence. Socializing to reach the epitome of “I’m here,” is a never out of fashion trend and seizing the moment is important at the right social spot.

App it Out

Off late, apps have extended their helping hand to various businesses and an app can definitely add the fuel to your engine of success this year. From promotional offers to additions to the menu, from helping you in accepting and delivering orders to converting itself into a payment receiver; an app can do wonders to your establishment.



Well, these tips can definitely help enhance your profit figures and food served along with a bit of love and tricks can do wonders for your business. For more details on the techno smart restaurant, just write to us at or visit