Instagram Marketing Trends with Mobile Food Ordering App

In this technological era, you need to show your customers what you are actually delivering to them. Social media application, Instagram is the best platform way to do that. If your mobile food ordering app does not have an Instagram page then you must reconsider your decision.

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With more than 500 million monthly active users, this application has created a buzz in the marketing area. It has given a new direction to the mobile food ordering app marketing strategies. You actually get to show your customers about your best delicacies and specialties. They connect with you in a more appropriate way through this photograph based application. Your customers understand about your online food ordering system and business more aptly.

The real question is how you can fuse Instagram marketing trends with mobile food ordering app perfectly to raise a good business. We are here to tell you all about it.

Here are few do’s on how you can blend Instagram Marketing Trends with Mobile Food Ordering App-

Post Pictures Daily

>This photograph based application demands high-quality pictures about your food business.

>Post picture about your cuisines and food delicacies to attract customers.

>The most suitable time to grab attention from millions of active users is around 9am, between noon and 1pm and around 8pm.

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How it will help your mobile food ordering App?

Even a single post on your Instagram page about your food ordering system allows the user to get an insight about your food business.
More attention means more business.

Interaction is necessary

>Interact with your followers. You must answer their query properly or fill them with details as required by them.

>Take a note about their suggestions/feedback. Implement it immediately.

How it will help your mobile food ordering App?

This will send a direct message to your customers that you really care for their questions/suggestions/feedbacks.

This will keep your customers loyal towards your business.

Daily Love Dose

>Come up with amazing and super money saving offers/deals/ bulk discounts through your food ordering mobile app.

For example, you can tell them that your food ordering mobile app is offering 50% discount on all food orders today.

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How it will help your mobile food ordering App?

This will convert all the leads into sales. You get amplified business through your food ordering application.

Experiment, update and Flaunt

>Give all your customers an insight view of what is happening new at your end. What your chefs are up to. Tell them about the new delicacies that will be launched.

>Put pictures, Insta stories, and videos.

How it will help your mobile food ordering App?

You fetch attention from the new customers. You extend your business’s horizon.
You get continuous business and sale.

Use relevant Hashtags

>You must use very crisp and food relevant hashtags. Hashtags create linking on that particular word and your pictures/videos get highlighted under that word too.

>Instead of using very common words such as #food, use #Italiancusine or #pastalovers etc.

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How it will help your mobile food ordering App?

Your pictures or videos trend under suitable and relevant categories. This fetches suitable customers and food lovers.
Your food business’s social popularity enhances and that brings traffic to your application.

Use Instagram marketing techniques; give a strong boost to your food ordering mobile app business.