Keep Your Customers Hungry with Loyalty Programs!

Customer loyalty is something restaurants crave in order to be in the game. Be it a small-sized cafe or a family restaurant, loyal customers are valued for long term growth and success. As much as gaining new customers is important, retaining the existing ones is a bigger challenge amid growing competition in the industry. Restaurants heavily invest in strategic resources in order to boost its earnings through sustained loyalty. As per a report by Manta and BIA/Kelsey, a retained customer spends 67% more than a new customer does. As customers make repeated purchases, they act as brand ambassadors for the restaurants.

restaurant loyalty programs

Gone are the days of plastic-card loyalty programs as restaurants are breaking the standard norms to earn the loyalty of customer. However, it’s not easy. As per Colloquy, 54% loyalty memberships have gone redundant in a year and many such programs have crashed landed in no time. So, if such tricks aren’t working with customers, how can you crack the hard nut? How can you convince the consumers to avail the loyalty programs?

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Fortunately, there is Restroapp to get you out of this vicious circle. It’s a must have for those who want to enhance customer experience through digitized loyalty program. It’s a user friendly application allowing customers to connect with the restaurant in few easy tabs.

Let’s look into what makes RestroApp so special:

1.) Special Discounts: On an average, companies lose 10-30% of their customers each year, pressure builds on the profit margins, especially through advertising. However, Restroapp offers special discounts to regular customers to earn their trust. An overwhelmed customer stimulates the chances of repeated visits and hence consistent earnings.

2.) Exclusive Offers: Membership discounts or gift vouchers on special orders or on offer days can add more fun to a customer’s experience.

3.) Customer Relationship Management: Such loyalty programs keep the customers informed about new offers and points earned. Customers are likely to make repeated purchase if they see the benefit from the loyalty program.

4.) Customer Feedback: Genuine feedback from customers is important for restaurants. It gives them a reality check as to where they stand and what all they can do more. For instance, it allows customers to rate the dishes ordered or share about their tastes and preferences. Such information if taken into serious consideration helps to improve the services for gaining customer confidence.

5.) Builds Brand Image: An effective and attractive customer loyalty program can practically transform the image of a restaurant. The more comfortable customers are with it, the more they will speak about it in immediate family and friends. It boosts the chances of gaining new customers to the restaurants through mouth publicity. That’s how a chain is created to attract and retain customers for a long time.

It’s a daunting task to identify, attract and then retain customers for a restaurant. However, with RestroApp, you can improve your chances to earn a loyal customer base with almost no hassles. Get the RestroApp to help you gain more customers for sustained profit and long term partnership.

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