Know the Ways to Amplify and Make your Mobile Food Ordering System Successful

The very fact you’re reading this post is an evidence to support that you have finally given your restaurant business its digital existence, the license to become a digital citizen of this tech-driven era. Congratulations on that!

Well, now that your app is already on the go and you’ve adjusted to the digital identity, you probably must now be a bit confused about how exactly things are going to unfold for your mobile food ordering system. Well, it’s completely fine to have an app and expect immediate returns but having a mobile app in hand doesn’t really cover it all for your business. The trick is to figure out a route to make sure that your mobile app does what is needed of it. In short, a road map to figure out how to amplify your mobile app efforts. The first and the most important task at hand is to make sure that your restaurant mobile app is visible to all. What good is the app if it hasn’t been recognized and received by the predetermined niche! Even if the concerned niche is aware of the app, what must be done to make sure they use the app or rather what should be done to give them reasons to utilize the app.


1. Be Seen. Introduce yourself: Like I had mentioned before, it is necessary to announce to the world that your mobile app has been developed and employed for the comfort of the ‘customers.’ You have created an app to place orders online but if people aren’t aware of the facility, they won’t use it. So here is the starting point of extensive advertising. It all begins at advertising at your restaurant. The first and the best possible method to convert your regular customers into your first and long term customers is by informing them about this major inclusion in your family. They’re your regular visiting customers and you certainly want them to remain but this works as an added feature wherein they may place an order for their favorite dishes when unable to visit the restaurant. Increasing your online engagement with this section of your customer base is crucial.

2. Advertise the traditional style: A loyal base of customers can do the deed for you here. Make sure that you offer them enough reasons to spread the word for them. You can offer some little incentives for them on having spread the word for you via social media or via SMS. These loyalists are your human advertisers and you can utilize the hard earned goodwill to your benefit without any coercion.

3. Going social is going popular: Well, this is the new mantra. Growing your online presence is necessary to make it huge and the best part of it all is that you can use an online mobile platform to spread the word. People these days are more interested in checking out and eating at new places and a strong social presence is a key to attracting new customers. Spend some time advertising on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You’ve got to spend to become a popular presence and spending money on these platforms is worth every bit of it.

4. Online Only Deals: Once you have become an online regular to your current customers and prospects, make sure you regularly plan an ‘online only’ deal. Inform the customers that they can save money by using the mobile food ordering system and within a few months you can see the digital sales graph climb the ladder. Send out emails, social media posts, text messages and push notifications to the ones who have already downloaded the app. Keep trying novel plans and try different schedules to hit the ‘‘sweet spot.’ A regular weekday plan will keep your customers connected and they will eagerly wait for the special weekday plan. Also,utilize the app to connect with new customers over the weekend.

5. Customized Offers: An app is actually more than just an online order placing platform. It is a treasure of valuable database. You can use details such as birthdays and anniversaries or even check the days on which a customer has frequented your restaurant or placed an order via your restaurant mobile app to customize a deal for them. Everybody loves a bit of the extra attention. Exploit the need with your marketing skills and present individually tailored offers. You can also try and include the customers while planning an offer. Added brownie points, it works!

6. Expand the convenience factor: The idea behind an online app is to extend fast and convenient services to your customers. Hence make sure that you remain high on standards and convenience. Nobody has time and they want you to provide them with the fastest quality driven service in a jiffy. Make sure the app has a top notch option of saving preferences so that they barely have to spend time going over the list of items on the menu. With just a single hit button, the order must be placed. A filter option too would do a great deal in here. Only those foods that the customer is interested will be displayed. The rest may be hidden.

7. Reward Programs: Now that you have an app, master the art of exploiting its abilities! A reward program is a must if you have a new mobile food ordering app to boast of. This is a method resorted to by many restaurateurs because of its obvious results. Create a plan that will force your customers to return to you. Track their orders, the preferences and then offer them with discounts that they can’t resist. You may also record some reward points that they may redeem in the future. If they are your regular customers, they’ll never leave you and if they are here for the first time, you will have already given them ample reasons to return.

Now that you have shaken hands with the latest invention the fast paced tech has given birth to, there are a lot many things that you have to explore to make it big in the digital world. Having a vision, investing and developing a mobile app is the first phase of having a successful online ordering app to your credit. With the app comes the responsibility of making the most out of it. After all, mobile app development is a heavy financial investment and business expects a return on every rupee spent towards it.

An online ordering platform is a pool teeming with opportunity waiting to be taken advantage of. If you’re looking for a much clearer picture, drop us a line at Our experts at RestroApp would love to plan it further with you.