7 Ways to Introduce Your Food Ordering App to The World

With all the possible material that educated you about the benefits of a food ordering apps; from blog posts to articles and advertisements that forced you into acquiring a food ordering app, you are now well aware of the list of the returns that await you at the end of this cycle. Yet, what is still hazy is the plan of action that you have to take at this point to make real what the app developers promised while creating the app.

Apart from investing in the app, there is a lot more than you have to inculcate into your working pattern to extract the maximum returns from the food ordering app. Brainstorming, planning, developing and deploying are primary but marketing the app is the next big thing.


You’ve created it, great! Now, it’s time for the world to know about it.

Here’s our list of the best methods to launch your Food Ordering App:

1. Plan the Facebook debut:

Now, that if we are talking about restaurant mobile app features, it’s time to add the ‘Order Food’ button to the page. Make sure that you announce the adding of this super button. Maintain a hype with regard to this app. Make sure that you keep your followers updated and connected with your page and run promotional offers for orders received via Facebook.

Also, make sure that the page is aligned well enough to focus on the order button. Most food ordering app buttons have lost itself among the various icons, buttons and other app buttons installed on the page. This has led to the focus point of losing its primacy. Optimize it as per priority.

2. Socialize:

If you already have a digital kit, chances are quite high of you having a well connected social media presence. ‘Exploit your connect,’ that’s the strategy here. Make sure that your food ordering app steals the limelight and simple browsing sessions turn into a phase where the customer actually decides to place the order. Apart from Facebook, connect with your customers and potential customers via Instagram or even WhatsApp. The more your presence is felt, the better is the intense publicity it receives. Your brand name must never drown among various other competitor cries. From photographs of your dishes to the easy-to-use packing of the food, there’s a whole lot that you can show off.

3. Coupons and promo codes:

These can never go out of fashion. With a coupon that can make the food ordering process easy and cheaper, it acts as an incentive to lure customers into placing orders via the app. Different combinations of coupons and promo codes are sure to hit the sweet spot for your food ordering app. These may also be customized based on the customer’s prior order history. Customers won’t mind a bit of customization!

4. The word of mouth:

There’s one source of communication that can never go out of fashion is the good old word of mouth. From informing customers who come to your restaurant and are at the billing or even while delivering food to customers who have ordered it via telephone, you can always connect personally thus making the announcement personal and a detailed one!

5. Emails:

Considering the fact that you have been in business for a long while, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that you have an amazing list of email ids, the ones who may be able to use the restaurant ordering app to the fullest. Make sure that you target the office goers and student folks in particular. Along with the announcement, add a little discount code to boost the face value of the email and your brand as a whole. If marketed well, the email can also garner a lot many users for the food ordering app.

6. Advertise:

Advertising isn’t just about the world of social media or where technology reigns. The good old print media too can help in its own way. From pamphlets to the writings on the paper mats, you can advertise on any and every possible print medium to your advantage. Bills, receipts or posters, you can use them all. These methods still have the power to garner positive responses and isn’t very expensive to employ.

7. The Target space:

As mentioned above, food ordering apps are all-time favorites for office-goers and students. You can advertise your app at places where the target audience goes regularly, for example, at malls, movie theaters, travel spots, etc. Being visible everywhere and all the time triggers the potential customer’s interest in the restaurant food ordering app thus, adding to your customer base.

With a surge in the tools of communication, announcing the introduction of food ordering app isn’t an issue as such. Yet, using the right channel, deploying the perfect medium is necessary. Since you have invested a great deal in the app, it’s necessary that you focus on the channels that can lead to maximum order placements and the one that can help create and increase a loyal customer base.

With so many methods and options to choose from, isn’t it a wise move to discuss your ideas with a team of experts who can help channelize your ideas? At RestroApp, connect with our highly experienced team members and get the best out their years at app development and marketing. Drop us line at info@restroapp.com to get in touch directly. We’d love to hear from you!