Why is it so important to run Loyalty Program in your Restaurant’s Food Ordering App? Part 1

I don’t have to emphasize on this because if you are a restaurant manager. Repeat business from regular customers determines your standing in an industry that is forever working on a novel task to market their establishment. Returning customers outspend the new ones by about 65 percent and your loyal fan space is no less than an inspirational space to motivate you to lure new customers into that loyal space. 67 percent of the total restaurateurs find it difficult to reach the requisite numbers.


So what could you probably do to retain the existing folks that can help you rise above your contenders and increase your customer base? Top restaurant industry magnets swear by the idea of creating a loyalty app or a restaurant loyalty program in your food ordering app for their business. A restaurant loyalty program that captures important feedback, include reward programs, referrals and the requisite fuel that forces return business for your establishment to thrive.

The next big question is your budget. The good news here is that you don’t really have to be a major restaurant chain or a food giant to afford a mobile ordering app with an incredible restaurant loyalty program in place. If you have been postponing your loyalty marketing plan or dragging the process due to your imaginative financial constraints, let me tell you there is a lot available for a lot less in this tech world.

Let me explain why it is so important to run a loyalty program in your restaurant’s food ordering app!

1. It provides the necessary push to your growth graph:

Each type of loyalty program is proved to yield different results. As a marketer, you must never overlook, underestimate or overestimate a marketing plan without employing and observing its impact on your business. Every business has a unique development and stability path. It is necessary that one understands the rate at which a tool has worked to the business’s benefit and opt for it. Many of the top players in the hotel industry have accepted the program so much that they have categorized it as a traditional marketing tool! They have realized the power in these plans and have stuck to the game plan subject to a few timely modifications.

2. They aren’t expensive:

Everything that is perceived to be fancy and good isn’t really an expensive affair. A large portion of your existing financial resources need not be funneled away to design a loyalty program. In fact, it is a harmless investment in your balance sheet and 7 to 8 times less expensive than the plans that are usually resorted to in order to lure new customers. Overall, the loyalty program can pale the efforts made towards new customers. Even if you go a bit overboard here, the additional business that a loyalty app can attract will even it out for you!

3. Helps build a reputation and maintain brand image:

Loyalty programs serve a dual function -to incentivize new clients to stay back after the purchase point and to ensure that existing clients feel valued for their consistent choice of opting you over the rest. By inculcating a loyalty program in your mobile food ordering app, you not only succeed at improving customer appreciation but also increase the chances of the existing customers sharing more about your restaurant and services with others. The more they feel satiated, the more they work to your advantage.

4. Increased sales:

65 to 70 percent of the marketers and business owners who have employed the loyalty program on their apps have enjoyed a hike in the sales figure. Customer retention is an art and their specific c-operation is necessary to achieve our penultimate goals.

Nothing can substitute their trust and expectations that improve our brand position. Regular incentives are the key here. With more purchases, the scope improves. This factor alone works as a catalyst to your plan to invest in a loyalty program via the mobile ordering app. Make sure that what you offer is in tune with their expectations. It’s going to take you a long way!

There’s a lot more to this incredibly powerful marketing as well as sales tool. Stay tuned to know more!

In the meanwhile, if you feel it’s time to give your customers a part of the good times, drop us a line at info@restroapp.com. At RestroApp our experts would love to pass it on to your crowd!