How should your Restaurant’s Food Ordering Mobile App Look Like?

With so many restaurants revamping their marketing plans, having an app in your restaurants’ marketing kit is no big deal. Every technologically knowledgeable person in the industry would want to equip his or her establishment with the best of tech and those who aren’t really, well versed with its benefit also understand the importance of being tech advanced in this era. Being abreast with the changing dynamics in this field is important. With mobile ordering apps increasing in popularity and usage, it isn’t surprising to have you here, reading from this post.


Deciding to have an app on board, investing and developing one is an easy task- enough funding and a team of app developers in house or a team hired, is all that you need to do so. The challenging part is to develop an app that caters to the need of the user and helping your business achieve its target. From creating a brand image to increasing brand presence and sales, your target behind employing an app may be any but what counts at the end of the day is whether your app has been successful at achieving its penultimate target.

This again is dependent on how your app appeals to the user. In order to garner the maximum attention of the user from a plethora of options in restaurant apps, it is important that your app has to potential to captivate the user visually.

Visual psychology has got a great role to play here and this post is all about what it takes to make your restaurant’s ordering app a visual treat:

1. Icon: The introductory point of your app is your icon. If you don’t have the right icon, the perfect digital version of your establishment. Make sure you have a perfect icon that accentuates your vision of the app. Hiring the perfect designer to create the perfect icon for your brand is of paramount importance. Your identity decides you future in the industry and striking it right is important with so many of the competitor’s apps out there to hit a goal, you definitely can’t undermine the power of your app with an inappropriate icon.

2. Menu: No matter what additional features you make to the app, users are interested in the culinary offerings you must make. Enticing the user into a gastronomical journey is a talent and your ability at providing a visual treat will enhance your chances at hitting the bull’s eye. Make sure that the menu is the best part of your app with the best possible color schemes and images of your dishes. From the nomenclature, images and pricing, your menu is like the restaurant’s tech kitchen door. Introduce your guests to your restaurant and its offering in style, in the proper manner.

3. Color Scheme: another striking feature about an app is the color scheme you opt for. Did you know as to what is actual reason behind keeping a red hue in restaurants? Well, it is to invoke the hunger pangs in you. Well, colors like red, yellow and orange does the deed here. Make sure that your app displays the right colors to induce the target. Using the right font and color is an indispensable part of the food app. At this juncture, make sure that your app doesn’t lose the weight of brand image. The app must exude the brand image you intend to create for your restaurant business. If your target is the elite, make sure that the scheme is chic and sober. If it is for the young teeming millennial, colors are, something you can experiment with.

4. Images: The app is the visual introduction to your restaurant and getting the right images in the app is of utmost importance. Get your choicest dishes photographed by professionals and perfect the app. Incredible images of your offerings is 80 percent of your job done. When you decide to offer your specialty to your customers and can express it well, these images accentuate your efforts at luring the customers.

5. The price and dish scroll: It is important that the app’s view offers the complete view of menu along with the price of the dish. Also, the quantity options must accompany the dish on the screen. This offers convenience to the users.

Creating an app is your technique of extending a convenient online experience to your users. It is important for you to make sure that your app looks perfect to your customer. After all, they are the introductory points to your brand and its exclusive story. They are also your future investments. Make sure that you invest in creating that one unbeatable first impression because that’s the beginning of your app story!

Need some more of the first impression tips?

We’re sure about a success in your app development plans. A bit of refining is required and we’re all good to go. Drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you with some amazing strategies for your food ordering mobile app!