You Should know These Terms if You are Moving your Restaurant Business Online

If you are in the restaurant business and plan to implement its digital avatar soon, this post is definitely a must read for you. The digitalisation process may sound easy and fast but it needs a lot of planning and tech support to make the transition happen smoothly. It’s your business and you play an important part in the visualizing and planning process. Along with your vision for your restaurant’s digital app journey and a strong tech team to back you, your journey is going to be a sure success. To understand the process better, you have to first understand the various concepts involved in the digitalisation process. Though the glossary is extensive, here are a few terms that can get you covered:


1.Outsourcing: is the transfer to an external service provider of the operation and management of a business process. The mobile app development process is handled by an external company that manages the app development process as per the host company’s instruction. They manage the project and make sure that your mobile app does justice to your vision and ideas.

2.NDA: the abbreviation of Non-Disclosure Agreement is a contractual agreement which states that both the parties involved in the project will protect the confidentiality of the information and no matter what, the complexities are the data and all other matters pertaining to the project will not be disclosed to a third party under any circumstance.

3.SLA or the Service Level Agreement: Basically, this agreement is the minimum level of service that a carrier will deliver to you as per the agreement entered into. It isn’t a guarantee or an assurance that you will get the requisite service. It means that when the service dips below that level, you can open a repair ticket.

4.Project Management: This is the process of planning, organizing and delineating the responsibility for the completion of an organization’s specific goal.
5.User Experience (UX): This shows how the user felt and how did they feel about the app and the overall digital restaurant business. The user experience helps to judge the ease of use of an app and the response helps in measuring the app’s efficiency. This helps in making necessary improvement in the process in the mobile app based on the kind of experience shared by the user.

6.User Interface(UI): User Interface is a platform through which app users get connected with the system. It is a design of a program that first comes in contact with the user of the app and is designed by keeping the actual user’s (customer’s) experience as well as the complete interaction in mind. It is developed as per certain criteria so that it can easily involve the user and provide the same kind of user experience as was availed by apps installed prior to your restaurant’s mobile app.

7.Global Positioning System: Most devices now have a GPS system intact. It is used to know the information about a certain location and time. This will help your delivery personnel remain on the right track with regard to the delivery routes.

8.Hit Target: These refer to the touch points of any device. Tracking this, you will be able to find out where exactly does a customer tap the most at a given point of time. The information gathered at this point of time will help you understand the customer’s requirements, likes, dislikes, popular choices, etc.

9.Location Based Services: These are important if you are a chain of restaurants. Your customers will be able to locate your restaurant outlet with the help of this functionality in the restaurant app.

10.Push Notification: Push Notification is a mobile service which helps restaurant businesses send their messages across to the customers via the mobile app developed by the service provider. These notifications help pass on personalized messages to the customers and can help you reach further to a more targeted audience.

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So there you are; well informed about the mobile app development jargon. Now that you know it all and the idea of digitalisation gets stronger, you only need a strong tech team to get going! Drop us a line at We, at Restroapp, would love to make your journey a technologically incredible journey!