Features to Add in a Restaurant Finder App Like Zomato (Zomato Clone)

Everything you should know for developing a restaurant finder app like Zomato is here!

Today, people love to dine out or order online to enjoy their favorite cuisine with their special ones. This is why the restaurant industry is expected to grow more in the coming years. Now is the right time to enter the restaurant industry with a restaurant finder app like Zomato.

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As the name indicates, a restaurant finder app is designed to help people locate restaurants around them. One can search restaurants via the address or zip code. Users can easily browse through restaurant cuisines, ratings, reviews, pictures, opening & closing hours, contact and menu.

The main purpose of a Restaurant Finder App is to provide a curated list of restaurants based on their location and preferences. It is an easy procedure to locate the best restaurant without wasting time.

There are many successful restaurant finder apps like Zomato / Zomato clone apps. If you want to create a restaurant finder app like Zomato, you need to consider these points:

Features of Zomato Clone App: 

# Sign Up:

Like Zomato, you can also simplify your sign up process via social media integration. In this way, you can gather information about your customers from their social networks and deliver offers as per their behavior.

You can also opt for the “Sign up Later” option so that users don’t leave the app.  Let them explore the app and features.

# User profile:

Create a unique profile for each registered so, that they can view their favorite dishes, restaurants, interact with friends and look for new discounts and coupons.

User Profile - Food Ordering App
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# Search filter:

The customer won’t go through single restaurant details to choose the best. Instead, they will search for a better option like a search feature. So, provide a filter to your customers so that they can search for a place on the basis of location, cost, timings, payment, cuisines and so on.

# Restaurant Menu and Information:

Restaurants should have a complete profile which includes details like address, working hours, cuisines, photos, cost, menu items, call button and many more.

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Restaurant menu can be provided in three different ways:

1. Scanned Menu: The restaurants scanned menus can be added to their gallery.

2. Text –List: This type of menu comprises of names, description, and prices of the dishes.

3. Interactive Menu Screen: It will take more money and time to create such a menu. This type of menu includes categories and food items photos. User can select a dish and find relevant information about the same.

# Delivery Tracking Option:

It is necessary to include delivery tracking option in your restaurant app. You can also add a call feature within your food ordering app to order a delivery. Moreover, the user experience can be enhanced by adding real-time in-app tracking feature.

# Table Booking:

This is another interesting feature for your customers; with this, they can book their table.

Add a separate booking screen and allow customers to choose a date, time and number of persons. Or as per the above information, users should be able to see the floor map of the restaurant and decide the table they want from a single tap.

# Checkout & Payment

Make sure the payment process is secure, fast and easy.

  1. Let users view the final cost at the checkout including all the taxes and other expenses.
  2. Add delete and Add function to edit the items in the cart.
  3. “Fast Pay” option that allows users to link their card to their profile without verification.

# Special offers:

People love getting special discounts and offers. Include special offers and discounts, coupons on your home screen. This will drive more users to your app.

# Push notifications

With push notifications, you can notify your customers about ongoing offers, hot deals and many more. Not only this, you can interact with specific groups of users like informing Italian lovers where they can get good deals around them.

So, include these primarily features and create an app like Zomato.

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