Why your Restaurant is ready for an Online Food Ordering System?


These are the questions that predominantly exist on borrowed time on this sprouting market of online services. Now, I would give you some suggestions. You may believe those, you may not Instead, I’ve some statistics to show you.

56% of the survey subjects said yes to that they order food from mobile online ordering app at least once a month; 29% of them do the same twice to thrice monthly.
Almost, 70% of customers prefer online mobile food ordering. – Toast’s Restaurant Technology Report

61% of regular diners would prefer online food ordering system over walk-ins if the same quality service is maintained. –  National Restaurant Association

72% has suggested the mobile online ordering apps to introduce the facility of ordering food beforehand on-the-go and then keep the option open of walking into the restaurant or getting it delivered to their place depending on their convenience.  – National Restaurant Association

Today when you wake up, the internet has touched 3.58 billion people by then. When every 1 person out of 2 is using the internet for various utilities, ordering food online being one of the top usages; not going online as a food business owner is equivalent to Google generating content and keeping those all locked in a secret cabinet.

Why online food ordering system is important?

So, Online Food Ordering System with a mobile app for your restaurant is not an option, it’s a compulsion. By 2020, 83% of all small food business owners would have their own online presence through personal websites and mobile online ordering apps. The more the competitors, the more need for excellence, of course. We’ve seen Signity Solutions doing this job brilliantly. Our expert team will make your business use the power of the internet in the most productive way possible.

With the whipping trend of personal websites with small businesses, customers are getting habituated with prerequisites like prompter delivery, billing convenience, computerized records and so on. In order to cope up with this booming tendency of mobile online ordering app, you must provide your customers with something more that they haven’t got already from your competitors.

Let’s see why you should start your online food ordering system and a mobile online ordering app today and what the best way to do it is:

A responsive mobile online ordering app is a must:

Domino’s Pizza has grown from 8$ of stock price to $200 per share in just 7 years. What’s their secret? Well, that we don’t know but Domino’s itself has disclosed that 79-86% of their total traffic comes from a mobile application.

Offers to initiate:

You’ve built a mobile online ordering app, that’s very good. But what’s its use when nobody knows about your business? It is as much important to initiate lucrative introductory offers as it is to target high potential customers. Especially if yours is a small online food ordering system, targeting nearby people is extremely important.
Plus, demographical preferences, income standards, food habits, etc should also be taken under strict consideration and then only you should send out notifications and offers to your narrowly targeted customers.

Go online and get More Revenue:

Toast says they get 23-28% more revenue in total from their Fast Casual Restaurants and Quick Service Restaurant after introducing an online food ordering system and mobile online ordering app.
Another statistic published from QSR Web facts that, since the last decade, the online food ordering system has grown 300% more in comparison with traditional walk-in restaurants.

create your own restaurant-ordering-system-restroapp

Online business is going mandatory for every business that’s blatantly true. But, you can skip going for online shopping for a month because of a busy schedule but you probably can’t do this with your stomach, right? The more people will infiltrate into cosmopolitan franticness, so Creating a food ordering mobile app can be very easy if you get proper guidance and assistance from experts and professionals like the ones at RestroApp.

Internet and online presence is a thing whose importance needs no further explanation in 2018, right? And yes, if by 2020, 83% of all small food business is going to be ready for their online approach, what are you waiting for? Just drop a mail to us at info@restroapp.com  and let us do the best for you.