Hacks to Upsell in Your Restaurant Business!

Upselling your restaurant business is the sheer art of persuasion without really going over the board to make it happen. Up-selling is all about striking a sale at a price over and above its usual price through a revised or premium version of the existing offerings. The customers who are your targets here are the ones who are already convinced and interested in purchasing your products or availing your service.


This technique works well if you know the two major factors that have to be leveraged to get the maximum up selling.

i. Offer the premium: Make sure that you create a premium offer with your selling and pricing strategies in place. This will help you and your business express your take on the elite customer range. Make sure that you offer this add-on value plan.

ii. Keep Asking: No matter how frequent the customer is, you have to keep offering them the premium and ask them for their suggestions. This is a perennial persistence strategy.

In order to get the best of up-selling for your business, you have to revise your plans as per the up-sell techniques suggested by our experts here, at RestroApp:

1. Be sure of what you recommend: As a restaurateur, it is your duty to make sure that whatever is on your upsell platter benefits the customer. It must be the best that your brand could boast of and is possibly the best in the market. This exclusiveness will help you sell your brand with an upper hand push. Make sure that you know what is on the cards before you make a pitch to your customers.

2. The Takeaway Act: Well, your customers have walked into your restaurant. They surely have liked what you’ve provided them in terms of foods and the experience. It is now the time to resort to your up-selling technique; the most basic step towards accomplishing this strategy. Ask them if they would like to pack some of your amazing desserts, cookies or some little knick-knacks. Make sure you have a sample in hand to show them what you have to offer. It helps inculcate some belief in the products that await them.

3. Restrict in numbers: If you have a lot many products to offer, make sure that you restrict it to just one or a maximum of three. With a many products in hand, you might pass on overwhelming waves to the customer who may be baffled at the many options you have extended. Make sure you display the best and strike the right kind of sale and not resort to any unwanted elements on the platter. Apart from displaying your up-selling specialties, make sure that you ask for the opinion of customers about the high-quality versions that you are currently offering. Make these a part of the process.

4. The online game: Make sure that your online presence also boosts the offerings you have. It is a millennial tendency to go online and browse for almost everything associated with our daily lives and it is mandatory to go online and declare your presence in the world. Using the internet to get the most of its benefits onboard is an intelligent move. You just have to tap the untapped potential that surrounds this option and offer your premium products to up-sell.

5. Focus on Quality and Price: If your target is the modern working class, you have to make sure that you do enough to attract their attention. These are the people who prefer quality and fair pricing over quantity. Customizing your orders as per their requirement will help you sell your products to these esteemed folks and that too, at a better price. Loosen the quantity focus and get the fair price and style strategy on board.

6. The Loyalty Factor: Your premium offer receivers are no doubt your esteemed followers. Make sure that you offer them to best on this platform. From loyalty programs to an irresistible deal, offer all that you have in a subtle yet powerful manner. This will force your people from getting the best of your brand and accelerate your sales figures.

7. Restaurateur App: If you plan to tap the premium layer of the target, you ought to work hard on setting up a mobile app for your restaurant. With more than 60 percent of your customer base being the tech-savvy, ultra-modern millennial, you have to be seen in the tech space, recognized and appreciated. Only a mobile app can become that one step forward in this game. Invest your time and strategizing abilities on your app. The results might make you feel great!

Now that you have a set of tools to employ in your up-selling strategies, make sure that each of the technique mentioned here blends into a perfect strategy; the one that suits your brand image and budget. Every establishment is going to have its very own strategy in place and it is up to you as to how you decide to take it in the desired direction.

Need some help on the strategizing front? Your search ends here at RestroApp! Our incredible team of experts with a proven track record can help find just the right mix in your upselling plans. Drop us a mail info@restroapp.com and together, let us kick start your journey!