How Expensive is Online Food Ordering App like UberEats?

In a world of booming business for online food ordering apps, it is first essential to understand how much it would cost to the company. UberEats, Dineout, Zomato are a few leading names in the category of food delivery apps. How expensive is to develop an app like UberEats? We come across this question all the time when we think about a food ordering app.

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The more the number of features, the more would be the total cost, but on the other hand, the app will provide a better experience to the customer. The popularity of the app depends on several factors but having better features is one of the crucial factors. In order to maintain an edge over competitors, one also needs to have better features. The business needs to understand what basic functionality it is going to incorporate in its app and what differentiating features.

Some of the best features that would constitute a costly app are as follows:

  • # Customization:

The more personalized experience the app aims to provide to the customer, the number of features it would have to include in the app, and automatically that would lead to increase in the making of the app. Ordinarily, a primary food ordering app that includes features like restaurant finder and basic delivery system, would come to cost around $3,500 to $9,500. The cost of food ordering app with most advanced features like UberEats can go up to $40,000. So, depending on the kind and number of features in the app, the price would vary.

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  • # Filters:

The more advanced filters could add a lot to the cost. The use of filters helps the customer to customize the search according to his/her interest, and that would enable them to place the order faster. The entire purpose of these online food ordering systems is to reduce the time and increases the convenience for the customers. These filters aid the user to search effectively.

  • # Availability:

The fact that if the online food ordering app can deliver throughout the day would add to the cost as it would increase the operating value of the same.

  • # Payment Options:

Sometimes, the entire order gets stuck at the payment gateway, and the processing time causes massive inconvenience to the customer. The traditional ways of making payment through debit cards and waiting for OTP has been almost replaced by the use of mobile wallets. So a variety in these payment options causes an increase in the cost of the app.

  • # Coupon Codes:

The discount options and the features that help in incentive’s repeat customers also add to the development cost of the online food ordering app.

  1. Cost split up according to different activities in the development of the food ordering app:
  2. Technical documentation of about 40 hours would cost $1000 to $1500
  3. UI/UX design for 60 hours would cost $1500 to $3000
  4. Front-end and Back-end development for 400 hours would cost $7,000 to $15,000
  5. MVP testing for 80 hours would cost $2000 to $4000
  6. Polishing and bug fixing for 40 hours would cost $1000 to $2000
  • # Platform:

Another important factor is whether the platform is iOS or Android. the iOS-based app is relatively expensive than Android because there is extensive testing in case of iOS app. Nowadays, the business provides for both iOS and Android platforms to cater to a larger audience.

  • # Target Audience:

The cost also depends on the audience, which it is targeting. For example, if the developer is from Europe or America, they will charge $100-$250 per hour, if the developer is from Eastern Europe, they will charge $50-$150 per hour and if from India the developer would charge $10-$80 per hour.

We can infer from this data if the developer is from India, then the cost incurred to make the online food ordering app will be much cheap than its European and American counterparts.

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There are main four stages in the designing of a food ordering app that contributes to the final cost: 

  1. Gathering cost: The cost incurred in the initial gathering of requirement, exploration of options, collecting inputs from social affairs, and conferences.
  2. Design and Development: The design part includes the cost associated with the type of features included in the food ordering app. The development involves a lot of expenses with the licensing requirements purchased at different steps in the making of the app as well as the developer’s fee. The various costs involved in the development of the app are:-
  3. License Fee: It would cost around $300
  4. Mobile app hosting fee: It would cost about $99/app
  5. Developer’s fee: It would vary with the region to which the developer belongs. As mentioned above developer fee would be different in India, Europe, and America

# Developer’s Expenses: This is the cost incurred throughout the development of the app.

# Testing and deployment Charges: A thorough testing phase is crucial to fix all possible bugs that might be there in the app. If there are a lot of bugs in the initial version of the app, then that might tarnish the image of the food ordering app and the entire cost put in the development of the app might become waste. Also, to cost to deploy the food ordering app costs about $20.

# Marketing cost: Before launching the app in the market involves a lot of marketing cost. It is essential that the features of the app, and it’s entering the market is known to the users. This cost might vary from business to business how much money they are willing to put in the marketing of the food ordering app.


The cost involved in the making of online food ordering app like Uber Eat depends on several factors. It varies with the requirements and features that the business wants to put in. The more advanced the features would generally mean a higher cost in its development. Today, there are a lot of online food ordering app development platforms to help in making the app suiting your requirements and at a low cost.

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