A Complete Guide to the Best Restaurant Mobile App Development

Mobile technology is taking over the market by storm. It has transformed the way how restaurants used to operate earlier. The market share of online food ordering apps has grown in recent years, leading to a rise in the demand for restaurant mobile app development.

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Why Do You Need to Invest in a Restaurant App?

Nowadays, everyone is impatient and wants access to each & everything within a single tap. It simply means that by granting more convenience to the customers will help you drive more sales.

If you want to keep up with the latest restaurant industry trends by fulfilling the needs of customers, an online food ordering app is the only option. Moreover, it will help you boost your restaurant sales & improve customer experience. If you don’t want to invest much time & energy in developing a restaurant app from scratch, consider a restaurant app builder or on-demand food ordering app.

Well, that’s just an alternative. But before we get to the solution, a question must be ringing the bells in your mind;

Do I really need a restaurant mobile app development service?

A clear answer is yes. There are numerous successful food aggregator applications in the market, e.g; Zomato, Uber Eats, Grubhub, etc. However, these food ordering applications will charge you somewhere between 20-30% for every order.

So, it’s better to create a dedicated restaurant online ordering system & reap the benefits to establish yourself as a brand.

there are many successful applications on the market and you can be part of one. But, it’s better to develop your own app so that you can reap additional benefits and establish yourself as a brand.

How a Restaurant App Will Benefit Your Business?

  1. With a mobile app, you get access to a wide customer base
  2. You can target the young & millennials as your customers via your restaurant online ordering platform
  3. To reach a wider audience within their geographical areas
  4. Notify customers via push notification
  5. Increase restaurant online presence
  6. Hassle-free online ordering system
  7. Review the order status
  8. Run loyalty programs for customers
  9. Managing cash flow 
  10. Track the delivery

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Features you Need to Have in your Restaurant App:

Your restaurant mobile app should provide a great experience to customers, carriers and the owner. Just like any popular app, your restaurant app should have these features.

1. Detailed Menu and Restaurant Description: It is necessary to provide clear information about the dishes and their ingredients.

2. Order Placement: The order placement should be quick and easy. Offer them an option to customize their dishes as they may have different food preferences and intolerances.

3. Custom Search: Make the ordering process more comfortable by letting them search for food categories and options to customize their order.

4. Geolocation: This feature is beneficial for the delivery of staff and customers. It helps customers to find a nearby restaurant. Also, delivery staff can easily locate their customers by tracking their location.

5. Multiple Payment Options: People may look for different payment options, so make sure your app provides multiple payment options like online payment or cash. This will help your restaurant to gain customer’s trust and provide them hassle-free transaction experience.


6. Feedback: This feature allows your customers to write a review of your restaurant. I will help you to improve your weak points.

7. Notifications: Notify your customers about the status of their order. You can also send SMS or push notification to let them know about discounts and special offers.

8. Built-in Tracker: This option is crucial as customers want to know the status of their orders. Moreover, this is also useful for you, because you can analyze your food preparation process and keep a check on your delivery staff.

9. Social Media IntegrationYou might have seen your Instagram feed full of food pictures, this is how much people love food. They like to share their food experiences over social media. Give them the option to share your food pics over the social media. This way, you will gain more popularity and reach a large audience.

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10. Loyalty Programs: Customers love getting incentives in return for being loyal to your business. Give them good loyalty points, rewards, discounts, and coupons so that they keep coming back to you.

11. Cross-Interface PossibilitiesThis is essential for both restaurant managers and the courier staff. This feature will help them to operate orders, update information and communicate with other stakeholders.

12. Order History/Analytics: Sometimes the customer gets confused and wants to see what he ordered previously. So, your app should have an option to check order history. You can also add a reorder option. Also, your restaurant should have access to the order history, this data will help you in tracking analytics.

13. Real-Time Inventory UpdateYour app should provide a real-time update of the availability for each menu item. This will help your customer to order something else rather than waiting for the dish.

14. Multiple Filters: Equipe your restaurant app with multiple filters like most popular, high rated, offers, etc. This will help your customers to easily navigate through your app, and this way, they will get more addicted to your restaurant online ordering app.

15. Easy Signup: Don’t make the signup process complicated by asking for customer information like name, age, gender, instead link the app directly with Gmail or facebook. This saves users time and makes account creation and verification a lot easier.

16. Making Reservations: Your app should have the feature of making a reservation online so that customers can avoid last-minute chaos. This will allow them to conveniently puck a time of their choice and book their favorite table.

Furthermore, you can incorporate the trending features (like order scheduling) to your online food ordering app to make it stand out in the market.

Find the Best Restaurant Mobile App Development Company


The restaurant industry is witnessing extensive growth. People use food ordering apps regularly. If you come up with your product at the right time, the customers will definitely use it.

With growing demands for restaurant mobile app development, a lot of companies have started offering ready-made solutions. Creating a restaurant app can be challenging & should equally benefit both the customers and the owner.

There are numerous restaurant mobile app development companies, but you must find a reliable one to ensure that you will provide an eyecatching food delivery app to your customers.  

Restroapp is one of the best restaurant app builders in the market. This restaurant mobile app development company also provides customized solutions, specific to your business needs.

Explore RestroApp’s Successful Restaurant Online Ordering Systems!

Restroapp Objectives of Developing an App:

  1. They aim at reaching a wider audience.
  2. Customer engagement
  3. Convenient checkouts
  4. Quick and easy payment options
  5. Social media integration
  6. Multiple payment options.
  7. Live chat support
  8. Customer satisfaction
  9. Scalable food delivery business

Also, we provide a multi-store feature, that can help you manage your restaurant chains easily. Furthermore, the app helps you automate a lot of time -consuming factors and boosts revenue.

What Makes RestroApp Better than Others?

  1. Budget-friendly development solutions
  2. Scalability
  3. Expertise and performance of the development team
  4. Certified developers

If you have any questions in mind regarding how a restaurant online ordering system works for your business, you can visit here!

We know it’s not easy to decide and invest in an app, but you need to join the bandwagon of online food ordering platform well in time. Do your complete research and look for all the features that you need in your app. 

So, if you want to develop an app for your restaurant business, drop us your requirements. Contact us now and get a quote from us.